11.04.2019 Hacklin Group expands its warehouse capacity in Hamina

On 1st of April 2019 Hacklin acquired a 20000m2 heated storage terminal, built in 2005. The free height of the terminal is 10 m and it is equipped with 41 loading ramps. There is also a drive-in possibility for larger vehicles into the terminal.   The terminal building is located close to the gate of Hamina port area, address Pajamäentie 3, FI-49460 Hamina. Hacklin Hamiko is responsible for terminal operation and marketing of the storage space. Further inquiries:

05.02.2019 Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd

On 1st of January 2019 Oy Hacklin Ltd transferred its port operation activities (stevedoring, warehousing and connected forwarding and ships agency) in Port of Pori to its subsidiary Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd.

M.Sc. (Econ.) Olli Virtanen has been appointed as Managing Director of Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd. Mr. Virtanen who has worked for Hacklin Group since 2001 will be responsible for all business activities of Hacklin Group in Pori.

Logistics engineer Patrik Nätkin has been appointed as Production Manager at Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd. Patrik Nätkin has been employed by Hacklin Group since 2011. 

21.11.2018 Hacklin has appointed Olli Virtanen as Managing Director of Pori operations

Announcement 21.11.2018

Hacklin has appointed Olli Virtanen as Managing Director of Pori operations

The organization structure in Pori has been changed in accordance with the present business model of Hacklin Group and M.Sc. (Econ.) Olli Virtanen has been appointed as Managing Director of Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd. Mr. Virtanen who has worked for Hacklin Group since 2001 will be responsible for all business activities of Hacklin Group in Pori.

On 1st of January 2019 Oy Hacklin Ltd will transfer all its port operation activities (stevedoring, warehousing and connected forwarding and ships agency) in Port of Pori to its subsidiary Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd.

On the same day Oy Hacklin Ltd’s employees will transfer to Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd as existing employees.

Björn Palm will continue as Managing Director of Oy Hacklin Ltd, the parent company in the Hacklin Group. Starting from 1st of January 2019 he will be located in the office in Espoo.

Hacklin Group has offices in Espoo, Hamina, Kotka and Pori and abroad in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Shanghai.

Hacklin Group employs 200 people.

Further information: Björn Palm, tel. +358 40 760 9101 or Olli Virtanen, tel. +358 50 544 3062  

27.09.2018 Short sea service Germany – Finland. Hacklin and Menzell Döhle start co-operation



Hacklin Deutschland GmbH and Menzell Döhle Shipping GmbH will assume a cooperation for short-sea transportation between Finland and Germany v.v.

This new cooperation is designed to offer a joint service which will commence on 1st October 2018.

By providing a common service concept in the form of an NVOCC the Germany based Menzell & Döhle Group and the Finland based Hacklin Group are able to create more efficient logistics solutions for their customers in the future. This new platform is a flexible product which can be tailormade to customers‘ needs and is aiming at the optimization of logistic chains for exporters and importers. The service concept includes all modes of transportation and is catering for the entire variety of deliveries from port/port to door/door.

The Hacklin Group ( and Menzell & Döhle Group ( are well established service providers in the short-sea trade for decades, with the foundations of expertise which were laid more than 100 years ago.

For more details and inquiries, please contact:

Mr Martin Aruta + 49 177 2040016 and/or Mr Kari Lintula + 358 50 561 6357

06.09.2018 Hacklin Seatrans´ last sailing from Mäntyluoto 18.9.2018

Hacklin is the only port operator in Finland who has been operating its own container feeder line. The service between Mäntyluoto and Hamburg has been operating since 1986. 

The company has decided to close down its container feeder line and connected container services when the timecharter of m/v Ragna ends in week 38. By closing down the container service Hacklin will concentrate more resources on other port operations in the Port of Pori to support the volume growth and development of services. In the future sea freight operations will be offered together with third parties. 

In addition to its Finnish offices in Pori, Helsinki, Hamina and Kotka Hacklin also serves its customers in Hamburg, St Petersburg, Moscow and Shanghai. Hacklin has 200 employees of which 120 are located in Pori.

24.05.2017 ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates to Hacklin Logistics

24.5.2017 Hacklin Logistics Ltd has been granted ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates.

Certification covers international logistics and transportation services by sea-, air-, rail- and road freight and project transports.

20.12.2016 Agreement for handling of copper and nickel concentrates

19.12.2016 Boliden Harjavalta Ltd and Hacklin Ltd signed a multi-year contract for handling of Boliden’s concentrate raw materials in the Port of Pori. The agreement includes discharge of vessels, storage of raw materials in the port as well as loading of raw materials into railway wagons.

The signed agreement is a continuation of a long-term and good cooperation between Hacklin Ltd and Boliden Harjavalta Ltd. A functioning infrastructure created by the Port of Pori and Hacklin allows and ensures efficient and environmentally-friendly handling of imported raw materials also in the perspective of future challenges. 

Copper and nickel concentrates for the production plant in Harjavalta have been discharged and handled in the Port of Pori for decades, and they constitute a significant volume of Hacklin’s stevedoring and warehousing operations. Annual volume is 700.000 - 800.000 tons.

18.05.2016 Container weight verification requirement starts 1.7.2016

According to new SOLAS amendments the shipper of a packed container must verify and provide the containers Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the ocean carrier or port terminal representative prior to it being loaded onto a ship.

If VGM of the container is not informed in time, according to SOLAS rules the container is not allowed to be loaded.

VGM is needed already for those shipments where the container will be shipped out of Finland during June but the transshipment in some European HUB port to the connecting ocean vessel will take place after 30.6.

Upon a request Hacklin can also offer a weighing service in Mäntyluoto. The used weighing devices will be type-approved and the service will be chargeable.   

The containers will be scaled upon a request of the shipper or shippers representative on containers arrival to the loading port.  

If there is no VGM informed latest on containers arrival to the loading port and neither a request of a weighing service is presented for Hacklin, the container will be taken to a separate waiting area for further instructions as it’s not allowed to be loaded onboard.  

The costs of these extra handlings will be charged from the shipper or their representative.

After weighing Hacklin will send the VGM –info to the party that ordered the service. The shipper will be responsible for providing the VGM to the captain of the ship or their representatives.

Hacklin Terminal Advice –sheet will be modified so that the weighing service in Mäntyluoto can be ordered by marking the request there.


More information from: Olli Virtanen 050-544 3062 , Pasi Aro 050 – 525 9053

09.03.2016 High & Heavy by Hacklin 01/2016

26.09.2014 Hacklin offers fast railway transports FCL/LCL from China to Europe

Hacklin offers a new, fast (14 days) FCL/LCL railway transportation service from the northeast part of China to Europe. Origin cities are for example Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang and Harbin. We also take care of pick up and export clearance in China.

The destination in Europe is in Poland where our representative takes care of discharging, de-stuffing and transloading as well as further transportation in Europe. Delivery to consignee's door in Europe and Northern Countries approx. within 3-5 days.

This regular speed block-train connection has started in March 2014. Departures from China on a weekly basis.

Further information: Oy Hacklin Logistics / Sales

24.09.2014 Business transactions realized

With agreement signed 23.9.2014 the business of Talavuo in Tahkoluoto, Pori, has been transferred to Hacklin Group. The operation will continue according to existing course of action in separate company Oy Tahkoluoto Cargo Handling Ltd's name.

On the same day has also been signed an agreement concerning the business of Oy Hacklin Bulk Service Ltd in Kokkola which has been transferrred to KWH Group.


25.08.2014 Hacklin renounces the business in Kokkola

The business of Oy Hacklin Bulk Service Ltd in the port of Kokkola will pass into ownership of KWH Group on 23.9.2014. All employees of Hacklin Bulk Service will be transferred to the new Owner as old employees.

21.08.2014 Hacklin Group expands the business in Pori

Hacklin Group has made an agreement to buy the business of Talavuo Oy operating in Tahkoluoto, Pori. The agreement concerns also the warehouses belonging to the business. The donation has planned to be happened on 23.9.2014. All the standard accounts, practical operational arrangements with customers and necessary preparations to secure the level and quality of service will be done before that. The employees of Talavuo will be transferred to Hacklin Group as old employees.

This re-arrangement will strengthen the operations of Hacklin Group. The target is to provide better and more versatile service outline than before and increse the volymes going through the port of Pori.

09.06.2014 AEO Certificate to Hacklin Logistics

The Customs has granted AEO Certificate to Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd. The certificate No. FIAEOF 9451614 is valid from 18.6.2014.

03.06.2014 New IT-Manager to Hacklin

After a long career at Hacklin It-Manager Olli Järnström has retired 31.5.2014.

Starting from 1.6.2014 to new IT-Manager has been appointed Sami Äijälä, 36, Master of Business Administration.

Sami Äijälä has worked for Hacklin first as summer employee in 1999, thereafter in addition to his studies and since 2001 as permanent employee.


10.04.2014 New vessel to feeder line Pori - Hamburg

Hacklin Seatrans vessel on feeder line Pori - Hamburg will be changed. Mv. Klenoden will be in Mäntyluoto for the last time on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014. The vessel has sailed on this line since 1996 except some gap years in the middle of the 2000s.

The new vessel, mv. Ragna, has some more capacity and is some years younger than Klenoden. Mv. Ragna's first departure from Hamburg will be on 25th April 2014.  She will be in Mäntyluoto on 29th April 2014. Mv. Ragna is already familiar to Hacklin from the former years as she sailed some time on this same line beside mv. Klenoden in 2011.

The Hacklin Seatrans sailing schedule will remain unchanged.

15.01.2014 Hacklin expands its international freight forwarding services

The Finnish freight forwarding company Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd is strengthening its position on the market.

As from 1st January 2014 a new business unit, Hacklin East, has started its operations. The new division of Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd will focus on international railway transports and freight forwarding services to and from CIS countries. Hacklin East will also include the activities of the subsidiaries of Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The new business division will sharpen the competitive edge of Hacklin and improve the customer service as well as the efficiency of transport solutions. Being a member of an extensive agency network creates also a strong position to provide transport solutions all over the world. Hacklin East will also offer tailor made solutions for demanding project cargoes.

Mr. Hannu Pesonen has been appointed Vice President of Hacklin East and for this division he will report to Marianne Blechingberg, managing director of Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd. Mr. Pesonen will continue also as managing director of Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd.

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